Legal Courier Service

Legal Courier Service

American Courier offers a world of services for the legal industry. With professional drivers always on call and a twenty-four hour a day seven days a week dispatch team, we are able to easily handle any and all delivery requirements. Whether you need a last minute rush delivery to meet a tight deadline at a local or city court or documents transferred from one law office to another, our bonded and insured drivers are ready to respond. We are a full service logistics company, not just a “courier” company. Currently using new technology to provide outstanding services such as online dispatching, Internet tracking and email confirmation. The data imaging and document retrieval departments are furnished with the latest and fastest equipment handled by trained professionals. This combination allows us to provide cost effective services with exceptional quality. American Courier Service continues to strive and stay ahead of the competition. Measuring the success of our company to the highest standard of customer satisfaction is what sets us apart.

American Courier “Legal Courier Service” specializes in legal courier service deliveries from inner office, court rooms, corporate events, filing and recording to Trial Relocation Logistics via our same day courier and delivery service. American Courier Legal couriers understand the sensitive nature and importance of time-sensitive documents or evidence legal deliveries, and the steps that are necessary to fulfill the requirements in legal industry. When it comes to dependable, on-time legal courier service, American Courier is your choice. No matter what the size, we will provide and design the best suitable solution to meet your most vital chain-of-custody of your legal courier needs.

American Courier Same Day Legal Courier Service provides same-day shipping, pick-up and delivery services from legal documentations, court house filing to court room setup services for trial moves nationwide. With our fast and reliable legal couriers, your boxes of documents and display boards, computers and equipment, suitcases and wardrobe boxes, briefcases and documents from your printer, no matter where they are located, American Courier will deliver them right into your hands. American Courier will design the best logistic route and remain with your legal full logistics shipments from pick-up to delivery guaranteeing you that you will be ready for the trial.

Call American Courier Same Day Legal Service:

  •  When you need legal courier services that are faster than your standard services offer
  •  If you aren’t sure which solution is the best answer to move your same day legal parcels
  •  If you have ad-hoc, short-term logistics projects requiring multiple modes of shipping
  •  When you need to accelerate or rescue a litigation shipment en route
  •  Choose the American Courier solution that best meets your legal courier needs.

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